About us

Sistem Srl has been on business from about thirty years in the sector of regulations of temperature and heat treatment industry. Through the years, Sistem has placed itself in a prominent position in the commercial distributions of Nichel – Chromium – Iron – Cromel – Alumel tapes, wires and stripes and of quartz tubes, electric immersion heaters, special alloys for cable transmission of electrical signals in high technology content strumentations.

Sistem has recently increased its commercial offer with insulating materials as Mica (sheets and tapes) and Magnesium Oxide for low, medium and high temperatures, used in resistances.

The quick change of businesses and the opportunities coming from new markets, has allowed Sistem to build an increased  competitive capacity, carving out significant market share in the Italian and international business panorama. The recent investiments in the logistic structure have additionally elevated the Company Organizational level, making the service offered to customers more competitive, flexible and dynamic.

The Storehouse is one of the strenghts of the Company: stocks availability constantly replenished allow a quick delivery service.


Our services, constantly improved, are the strenghts that highlighted our company from thirty years.

Orders Management

Our Sales Office manages every kind of sales order in a very efficent way.

Storages in Stock

The investiments in our logistic stuctures have additionally elevate the organization and management of the Stockhouse.

Shipping orders

We send our products in Italy and abroad, ensuring quick delivery in line with your business needs.

Customer care

We care our clients. Our services don’t finish with shipment. We offer a complete after-sale support.